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LDP HighwaySPRINT Highway
LDP Highway

LDP operates on an open toll system at the four (4) LDP toll plazas located at Penchala, Petaling Jaya, Puchong Barat and Puchong Selatan.

The current toll rates are:

Type of Vehicle Rate
Private Car – Class 1 RM1.60
Vehicle with 2 axles (6 wheels) – Class 2 RM3.20
Vehicle with 3 axles (6 wheels and more) – Class 3 RM4.80
Taxi (Class 4) RM0.80
Bus – Class 5 RM1.60
Motorcycle FOC
SPRINT Highway

Toll collection for both Damansara and Kerinchi Link started on 9th Sept 2001, while the collection for newly opened Penchala Link will begin on March 22. Minister of Works, Dato’ Seri S. Samy Vellu, announced all the rates. For class one vehicles (car) the cabinet has fixed the toll rate of RM1.50 for Kerinchi Link, RM1.00 for Damansara Link and RM2.00 for Penchala Link. The rate is also derived from several factors such as the construction cost, urban land acquisition, as well as maintenance cost of the highway.

SPRINT Highway operates an open toll system which eases travel in the West of Kuala Lumpur whilst maintaining convenient access for motorists. With an open toll system, motorists can continue to make use of entry and exit points available.

As a privatised highway, SPRINT Highway is tolled on each of its links, although Damansara Link is only tolled in one direction towards PJ to allow smooth flow of traffic. At the Damansara Link, local traffic is given toll-free access within their areas. Whilst tolling is meant for through-traffic on SPRINT Highway, the toll free alternative roads are provided for all motorists without exception.

The toll rates were decided after taking into consideration the appeals by various quarters including resident groups.

Type of Vehicle Kerinchi Link Damansara Link Penchala Link
Private Car – Class 1 RM3.00 RM2.00 RM4.00
Vehicle with 2 axles (6 wheels) – Class 2 RM3.20 RM3.20 RM3.20
Vehicle with 3 axles (6 wheels and more) – Class 3 RM4.50 RM3.00 RM6.00
Taxi (Class 4) RM0.80 RM0.50 RM1.00
Bus – Class 5 RM1.50 RM1.00 RM2.00