Road Safety Talk At Western Digital (M) Sdn Bhd In Collaboration With Royal Malaysian Police

02 Feb 2009


How many of us as pedestrians know that we have the right of way over vehicles on footpaths. Pedestrians also have priority over vehicles when vehicles are entering or exiting a driveway that crosses a footpath.

However, the decision about whether a situation is a driveway or an intersection is not always clear. In practice, if the entrance to the driveway looks like a road and not a continuation of the footpath, it should be treated as though you are crossing a road and pedestrians must give way to vehicles.

These are some of the finer details on road safety for pedestrians which the police shared with some 100 staff of Western Digital during the Road Safety Talk organized by Litrak Group.

The event, in collaboration with the Royal Malaysia Police was part of an on-going Road Safety Campaign planned and implemented by Litrak.

Litrak head of communications explained that the company organized various road safety events monthly at school, factories and companies along the LDP alignment.

“Road safety is a chief concern of ours and is part of our on-going CSR programme and for this month we thought Western Digital would be our venue for the talk considering the huge number of workers who use our highway as pedestrians,” Bhavani said.

Pedestrians and other road users alike must first take responsibility for their own road safety for with awareness comes the need to adopt road safety measures. ¡°Pedestrians are in the best position to ensure their safety when interacting with motor vehicles. It’s not a matter of being right; you can be dead and still be right¡± , and this is the moral of the story during the talk.

Also present at the event was Litrak Group Traffic & Safety head of department Nor Azman Ishak.

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